Beyond the self

Healing emotional trauma and Brainspotting

Beyond the self


  • Editorial: Editorial Eleftheria
  • ISBN: 9788412014334
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  • Nº edición: 1.ª
  • País: España
  • Idioma: Inglés
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Beyond the self

Healing emotional trauma and Brainspotting

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“In this book, clinical psychologist Mario C. Salvador has really made an ambitious project. In essence, it presents us with the evolution, the current and future state of the art of psychotherapy.

Mario considers in this book both the science and the art of the healing relationship. Embracing the uncertainty principle, he recognizes that ultimately the brain-body-self healing will always be an elusive mystery that challenges clinicians. The reader will find in beyond the self. Healing Emotional Trauma and Brainspotting  a deep and knowledgeable view that will you to expand your experience. This book is a fundamental contribution offering the basic principles that underlie each therapy approach and each therapeutic relationship.”

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